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Mythical Creatures Niche With A Fantastic Set Of Done-For-You,

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Create your own coloring books in a flash with the fantastic Mythical Creatures Coloring Pack… You can do it with NO specialised knowledge or training!

  • 30 High quality Illustrations

  • Use For Print on Demand

  • PNG & SVG Designs Included

  • 8.5×11″ Coloring Page Size

  • 300 DPI

All With Commercial License!

So We All Know That Coloring Books Are Super Popular And A Very Lucrative Market

.. And we are also aware that there is a continuous stream of coloring enthusiasts, who are constantly looking for the next coloring book to add to their current stash.

These people are flocking to the big online search engines and well known sales platforms such as:

  1. Google

  2. Pinterest

  3. Etsy

  4. And don’t forget the sales GIANT known as AMAZON!

The big question you maybe asking yourself is….with all of this crazy competition, how do I even begin to compete with the likes of the mainstream coloring brands, who have huge advertising budgets and massive teams of designers?

Well worry not, because the answer is right here!


The Mythical Creatures Coloring Pack

“This is your chance to reap the rewards of this fantastic offer at an absolutely unbeatable investment!”

You will receive 30 Superb Quality Black and White Line Art Illustrations

As you can see you’re are getting a lot of bang for your buck at a ridiculously low introductory price.   I am able to charge more for this pack and I certainly will. 

At the end of the introductory period, the price of the “Mythical Creatures Pack” will rise. 

Today is the day to invest in this great opportunity, because in the next few days, the price will rise!

Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do I have with these files?

[YES] You can use these for your own personal use

[YES] You have commercial rights which allows you to use them on end user products like coloring books or print on demand t-shirts

[YES] You can edit these in anyway such as adding more detail or patterns but the personal use and commercial rights above still apply.

[YES] You CAN create Dot to Dot, Connect the Dot and Trace the Drawing designs using these images.

[NO] You CANNOT sell on any of the files in anyway.

[NO] You CANNOT sell the designs as PLR in anyway.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately NO, there is NOT a money-back guarantee.  This is because these are printable PLR illustrations and once downloaded are immediately accessible and downloadable by you.

If you aren’t sure whether these illustrations are for you then please feel free to email us at:

How will I receive the files?

All 30 designs will be available in PNG and SVG format.

What programs do I need to use the files? 

While the PNG files can be used in multiple programs such as PowerPoint, Photoshop and Canva. SVG can be used in vector editors.

How can these designs be used?

Although the KDP platform is the inspiration for this pack, you are free to use the designs in any way you see fit, including print-on-demand products.

Have questions? Reach out at