MRR Witchy Planner & Sticker Bundle

MRR Witchy Planner & Sticker Bundle

Save BIG for the next 7 DAYS ONLY on this ready-made and ready-to-sell MRR Witchy Planner & Sticker Template!

These products are a proven untapped and unsaturated digital product idea that you should take advantage of asap!

🌟 Supercharge Your Business with Ready-Made Magic! 🌟

Are you a content creator, an online entrepreneur, or a digital product enthusiast looking to expand your product line? Harness the mystical allure of the witchy world with our Witchy Planner Printable Bundle, designed exclusively for those seeking Master Resell Rights (MRR). Elevate your business with these powerful benefits:

📦 Ready-Made Products, Ready to Sell: Say goodbye to the hassle of product creation. Our Witchy Planner Bundle is a meticulously crafted, complete product package that's ready to be branded as your own. Instantly expand your digital product offerings without investing time in content creation.

Tap into the Lucrative Witchy Market: The witchcraft and spiritual niche is booming, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. With this Witchy Planner Bundle, you're positioned to meet the growing demand for enchanting, magical content that resonates with modern witches and spiritual seekers.

💼 Versatile Usage: This MRR Witchy Planner is not just a product; it's a versatile business asset. Use it as-is, rebrand it to fit your unique style, or repurpose the content for various platforms such as blogs, social media, email marketing, and more.

🌙 Establish Yourself as an Authority: Offering high-quality, informative, and beautifully designed witchy content establishes you as an authority in the niche. Gain the trust and admiration of your audience by providing them with a valuable resource.

🌟 Unleash Profit Potential: With MRR rights, you control how you monetize this bundle. Sell it as a standalone product, use it as a lead magnet to build your email list, or include it as a bonus to complement your other offerings. The profit potential is limitless.

🚀 Time and Cost Efficiency: Skip the time-consuming content creation process and the expense of hiring designers. Our Witchy Planner Bundle is a cost-effective solution that empowers you to focus on growing your business.

Immediate Access and Customization: Upon purchase, you gain immediate access to the digital files. Customize, brand, and launch your products in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.


📜 What's Included:
  • 5 Unique Witchy Planner Cover Styles

  • Lined Pages for Notes and Musings

  • Weekly Planner for Detailed Scheduling

  • Tarot Card Pages for Mystical Insights

  • Magic Spells Page to Cast Your Intentions

  • My Daily Vision Page to Manifest Your Dreams

  • Lunar Calendar to Align with Cosmic Energies

  • Self-Care Bingo Page for Holistic Well-being

  • Natal Wheel to Explore Your Birth Chart

  • Zodiac Signs Pages for Astrological Guidance

  • Crystal Collections Page to Catalog Your Gemstones

  • Daily Habit Tracker to Cultivate Positive Routines

  • Daily Planner Pages to Map Out Your Daily Rituals

  • Monthly Planner Pages to Set Monthly Intentions

🪄 Bonus: 20 Fun MRR Halloween Sticker Templates! Unlock a world of creativity with our bewitching bonus – 20 Halloween-themed MRR sticker templates.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your digital product arsenal with a ready-made, high-quality Witchy Planner Printable Bundle. Invest in your business's growth, tap into the thriving witchy market, and elevate your brand with the magic of MRR.

Please Note There Are NO Refunds As This Is A MRR Product.

Creative Mama Designs – Commercial Rights Terms Of Use

These terms of use have been put into place to protect commercial rights content buyers. Please respect your fellow members and review and abide by these terms. Violation of these terms is grounds for termination of your content license without notice or refund of any payments made.


  1. Yes, you CAN sell the templates but changes must be made.

  2. Yes, you CAN pass on the PL rights / commercial use rights.

  3. Yes, you CAN change the branding, content and design (i.e change fonts, change

    color scheme, add graphics, change the wording etc..)

  4. Yes, you CAN create as many products as you like.

  5. Yes, you CAN keep 100% of the profits.

  6. If you are selling the templates with Personal Use Rights Only, then you CAN sell

    them AS IS or modify how you want.


  1. No, you CANNOT sell the templates as is.  You MUST make at least some minor design changes to make it somewhat unique (i.e change font and color scheme at the very least).

  2. No, you CANNOT pass on Master Resell Right to your customers. Only PLR rights/Commercial Use/Personal Use.

  3. No, you CANNOT give the templates away for free.

  4. No, you CANNOT sell these templates in a membership.

  5. No, you CANNOT sell these templates on sites like Creative Fabrica, DesignBundles, CreativeMarket, etc.

  6. No, you CANNOT list CREATIVE MAMA DESIGNS, Roxy or anyone connected with our company as the author of this content.

  7. All graphics are either Free Canva graphics, AI-generated with MRR included or Public Domain or have been given explicit resell rights use from the original creator.


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