MRR The Power of Visualization Journal Workbook Template

MRR The Power of Visualization Journal Workbook Template

"Unlock the Power of Your Mind with 'The Power of Visualization: A Journal Workbook for Manifesting Your Vision and Transforming Your Life' – A Limited Edition, Master Resell Rights Product

Prepare to discover the transformative power of visualization with this comprehensive, yet user-friendly workbook. As a fellow digital product creator, you're about to tap into a thriving market of individuals seeking practical and effective tools to harness the Law of Attraction and manifest their dreams.

The 'Manifesting Your Vision Workbook' is a meticulously crafted 50+ page guide filled with insightful content, compelling exercises, and thought-provoking journal prompts. It is designed to empower your customers to visualize their goals vividly, cultivate a deep sense of self-love, embrace their worthiness, and harness the power of gratitude.

By purchasing this product, you will also be granted Master Resell Rights. This means that you can rebrand and resell this product under your own brand name. What's more? You can even sell the Canva template with Private Label Rights included to your own customers.

With this product, you're not just investing in a single item; you're acquiring an entire product line that you can grow and tailor according to your brand and market needs.

Here's the catch – I'm only releasing 10 MRR copies of this high-demand product. With this limited availability, you can assure your customers of an exclusive, high-quality product that not everyone will have the privilege to access.

Don't miss this chance to add this valuable asset to your digital product portfolio.

Please Note There Are NO Refunds As This Is A MRR Product.

Creative Mama Designs – Commercial Rights Terms Of Use

These terms of use have been put into place to protect commercial rights content buyers. Please respect your fellow members and review and abide by these terms. Violation of these terms is grounds for termination of your content license without notice or refund of any payments made.


  1. Yes, you CAN sell the templates but changes must be made.

  2. Yes, you CAN pass on the PL rights / commercial use rights.

  3. Yes, you CAN change the branding, content and design (i.e change fonts, change

    color scheme, add graphics, change the wording etc..)

  4. Yes, you CAN create as many products as you like.

  5. Yes, you CAN keep 100% of the profits.

  6. If you are selling the templates with Personal Use Rights Only, then you CAN sell

    them AS IS or modify how you want.


  1. No, you CANNOT sell the templates as is.  You MUST make at least some minor design changes to make it somewhat unique (i.e change font and color scheme at the very least).

  2. No, you CANNOT pass on Master Resell Right to your customers. Only PLR rights/Commercial Use/Personal Use.

  3. No, you CANNOT give the templates away for free.

  4. No, you CANNOT sell these templates in a membership.

  5. No, you CANNOT sell these templates on sites like Creative Fabrica, DesignBundles, CreativeMarket, etc.

  6. No, you CANNOT list CREATIVE MAMA DESIGNS, Roxy or anyone connected with our company as the author of this content.

  7. All graphics are either Free Canva graphics, AI-generated with MRR included or Public Domain or have been given explicit resell rights use from the original creator.


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